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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

I Long to Be the Dust of Your Feet

A ghazal is a poetic form which originated in Iran in the 10th Century A.D. It consists of usually a dozen couplets in the same metre and always opens with a rhyming couplet called the matla, which often includes the pen name of the poet. This is one of hundreds of ghazals written by Bhau Kalchuri. I especially like this one, and it was just read out at Meherabad before Bhauji gave a talk there yesterday.


<>Oh Meher, what is happening to me in Your friendship?
The world thinks that I am the worst kind of mindless fool.

It is a great help along the path that the world thinks I am crazy
and does not care for me.
I wanted to renounce the world, but through Your kindness <>
the world renounced me.

Oh Beloved, if You are with me, what worry have I?
What do I lack with You?
As soon as I turned into the dust of Your feet,
I felt the whole world come under my command.
The world just thinks I am mad, but it does not know
that my madness see You
In every particle of the creation in Your full glory.
Oh Meher, You kick me abusingly, remain indifferent to me,
and the world laughs,
But it does not understand the value of Your kicks
as I follow You more and more.
What a calamity is this love and my longing for it -
I wanted to be Your great favorite but now I long
to be the dust of Your feet.

Oh Beloved, if You don't want to see me
at least make my wounds deeper.
<>Since I have learned to enjoy the pain of my wounds
which gives me relief.

My helplessness has reached that stage where I laugh at it,
And the more I follow You, the more You are indifferent
toward me.
Oh Bhau, who will believe that the deeper the wounds
of my heart become
The more I remain bowed down at His feet.


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